REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of Death Metal stalwarts, SUPREME CARNAGE! The North American release of SUPREME CARNAGE‘s “Sentenced By The Cross” is out on December 18th. Released in November on Bret Hard Records in Europe, “Sentenced By The Cross” is a dissertation in Death Metal, invoking the forefathers of the genre while adding their own modern flare.
Recorded at the Soundlodge Studio God DethronedSinisterSuicidal Angels ) under the direction of Jörg Uken, “Sentenced By The Cross,” explodes from speakers with the bombastic ferocity of a mortar blast! For fans of GOREFESTBOLT THROWER, and ASPHYX.


Supreme_Carnage Sentenced By The Cross

Heavy as shit, usually mid-paced death metal with a classic sound that will have you manning your tank in search of where next to conquer…these soldiers of mighty fistpumping death will have you hooked in no time.” – Trevor Strnad, (Black Dahlia Murder, Columnist for Metal Injection)

You will have the most fun with fat riffs that fly around your ears” –
Straightforward death metal with a lot of groove, made for the stage.” –