Redefining Darkness Records are proud to announce the signing of NYC’s  Imperial Triumphant and the release of their upcoming EP, Inceste, set for release this Spring in physical and digital format.

     The epitome of a paradox, Imperial Triumphant combines an obsession with musical progression with a philosophical fixation on destruction, decay, and the crumbling of the spiritual, mental, and physical fabric that binds humanity. Dissecting the lifeless corpse of post-industrial New York City and using a canvas of black metal, jazz fusion, death metal, doom, and various other soundscapes to paint a bleak portrait of a post-modern world left to rot, Imperial Triumphant serves not as a voice in and of itself but many legions of tortured, aching screeches possessing a single entity with no goal in mind other than the mutilation of the benevolent host. Disregarding conventional references in extremity and replacing them with the mechanisms for cultivating a truly unnerving and abysmal atmosphere, this is not so much a metal album as it is an exercise in the deconstruction of the psyche. There is no preparing yourself. There is no hope. There is no beginning. There is only the eternal ending.


Imperial Triumphant’s “Abyssal Gods” is about New York City, and it accurately conveys the dichotomous senses of magnificence and derision, wealth and poverty, power and weakness, ecstasy and misery, that pervade the metropolis. I was fortunate enough to have this album as my introduction to the city when I relocated to NYC earlier this year, and it was the perfect soundtrack. In spirit and in sound, Imperial Triumphant is the black metal of the future.
-Dave Mustein’s #1 album of 2015, Metal Sucks


Imperial Triumphant’s debut full-length, the self released Abominamentvm, is a mad, confusing cacophony of bizarre riffs, weird time changes, and wonderfully prominent yet strange bass lines, all the while enhanced by a certain air of authenticity. 4/5


Imperial Triumphant truly operates within the upper echelons of American Black Metal. 10/10
-The Metal Observer


Imperial Triumphant are one of the most important U.S. black metal acts currently active.
-No Clean Singing