IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT are preparing to embark on their Abyssal Communion Tour this October. The beautifully horrific tour poster was designed by none other than Andrew Tremblay and booking was handled once again by Signature Riff.


OCT 7th – Baltimore, MD (Yums)
OCT 8th – Elizabeth, NJ (Clafonos)
OCT 9th – Brooklyn, NYC (Lucky 13 Saloon)
OCT 10th – Providence, RI (Dusk)
OCT 11th – Rochester, NY (Flour City)
OCT 12th – Columbus, OH (The Summit)
OCT 13th – Detroit, MI (New Dodge Lounge)
OCT 14th – Indianapolis, IN (Indiana City Beer)
OCT 15th – Milwaukee, WI (Frank’s)
OCT 16th – Pittsburgh, PA (Smiling Moose)