Avant-garde black metal force IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT has just shared a new song from the band’s forthcoming EP Inceste. “Kaleidoscopic Orgies” has premiered via Decibel, who said about the track,

“…utilizes elements of death, doom, jazz, avant-garde, classical and more to create a feeling of unease and dread that few bands even approach. “.

Stream “Kaleidoscopic Orgies” alongside an interview with Ilya that dives into the details about the EP’s themes now at  [DECIBEL].

“Breath Of Innocence,” the first released track from Inceste, premiered recently via Stereogum and can be heard via YouTube below:

Like the band’s previous full-length Abyssal Gods, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT‘s new EP was mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Nader Sadek, Atheist, Origin etc.) at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves. This release sees the band diving into darker and more deranged territory than ever before. Inceste is set for release worldwide on Friday April 15th via Redefining Darkness Records. Digital and CD versions of Inceste can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp at this location.

Abyssal Gods, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT‘s 2015 full-length, is also available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp here.

Additionally, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT are set to embark on a week-long run of West Coast dates with Witchaven and Uada beginning this coming Saturday. Check out a full itinerary below.



Devoid Of Light Tour IT

***Dates With Witchaven & Uada***

Apr 09 Portland, OR Black Circle Fest w/ Grim Reaper*

Apr 11 Seattle, WA Highline Bar w/ Absu

Apr 12 Eugene, OR Old Nick’s Pub w/ Hiding

Apr 13 Sacramento, CA Starlite Lounge w/ Ohm

Apr 14 Oakland, CA Golden Bull w/ Gloam

Apr 15 Spring Valley, CA The Bancroft**

Apr 16 Los Angeles, CA 5 Star Bar w/ Yohualli**


Apr 28 New York, NY Saint Vitus w/ Absu & Bastard Sapling***


*** Imperial Triumphant only

** no Witchaven

* no Uada


The epitome of a paradox, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT combines an obsession with musical progression with a philosophical fixation on destruction, decay, and the crumbling of the spiritual, mental, and physical fabric that binds humanity. Dissecting the lifeless corpse of post-industrial New York City and using a canvas of black metal, jazz fusion, death metal, doom, and various other soundscapes to paint a bleak portrait of a post-modern world left to rot, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT serves not as a voice in and of itself, but as many legions of tortured, aching screeches possessing a single entity with no goal in mind other than the mutilation of the benevolent host. Disregarding conventional references in extremity and replacing them with the mechanisms for cultivating a truly unnerving and abysmal atmosphere, this is not so much a metal album as it is an exercise in the deconstruction of the psyche. There is no preparing yourself. There is no hope. There is no beginning. There is only the eternal ending.

Ilya – Vocals, Guitars, Orchestration
Growhowski – Drums
Blanco – Bass, Keyboards
Cohen – Drums

Pre-Order the EP Here:

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