Escarnium – Interitus

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Inceste – Imperial Triumphant EP

image1The epitome of a paradox, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT combines an obsession with musical progression with a philosophical fixation on destruction, decay, and the crumbling of the spiritual, mental, and physical fabric that binds humanity. Dissecting the lifeless corpse of post-industrial New York City and using a canvas of black metal, jazz fusion, death metal, doom, and various other soundscapes to paint a bleak portrait of a post-modern world left to rot, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT serves not as a voice in and of itself, but as many legions of tortured, aching screeches possessing a single entity with no goal in mind other than the mutilation of the benevolent host. Disregarding conventional references in extremity and replacing them with the mechanisms for cultivating a truly unnerving and abysmal atmosphere, this is not so much a metal album as it is an exercise in the deconstruction of the psyche. There is no preparing yourself. There is no hope. There is no beginning. There is only the eternal ending.

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Supreme Carnage – Sentenced By The Cross

Supreme_Carnage Sentenced By The CrossREDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of Death Metal stalwarts, SUPREME CARNAGE! The North American release of SUPREME CARNAGE‘s “Sentenced By The Cross” is out on December 18th. Released in November on Bret Hard Records in Europe, “Sentenced By The Cross” is a dissertation in Death Metal, invoking the forefathers of the genre while adding their own modern flare.

Recorded at the Soundlodge Studio God DethronedSinisterSuicidal Angels ) under the direction of Jörg Uken, “Sentenced By The Cross,” explodes from speakers with the bombastic ferocity of a mortar blast! For fans of GOREFESTBOLT THROWER, and ASPHYX.

Comes in a killer 6 panel Eco Wallet package, with artwork from the infamous Mihály Zichy!!

Only 100 available!!

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 Escarnium – Godless Shrine Of Decay

EscarniumEnter the rotten crypt of Brazil’s Escarnium, a diabolical blackened shrine of decadent death worshipping mayhem! Brutal in its approach and uncompromisingly viscous in its savagery, this is the sound of true death fucking metal!! Taking cues from legendary acts like Vital Remains, Incantation, and Immolation, Escarnium wish to drag you on a most unfortunate tour through the depravity of their never-ending death metal nightmare. Welcome to hell….

“Godless Shrine Of Decay” is a definitive collection of Escarnium’s work from 2009 – 2015. Not only does “Godless Shrine Of Decay” include Escarnium’s heralded demo “Covered in Decadence” in it’s entirety, but also features a new unreleased track entitled “Human Waste”. Up to this point, Escarnium have remained a well kept secret in the shadowed corners of South America and Europe – “Godless Shrine Of Decay” acts as the bands introduction to the Northwest Hemisphere.

REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are proud to introduce ESCARNIUM to North America with a definitive collection of the bands previous efforts put together all on one disc with a new unreleased track giving a glimpse of what is to come from the band in the next year!

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XUL – Malignance

xul_coverA whirlwind of extremity, ferocity, and mind altering textural insanity, British Columbia’s Xul return to pummel and defile any and all in its path. Dark melodies converge with old school flavors and signature Canadian technical prowess in a beautifully chaotic sonic assault. Consider the bar raised.

Formed in 2008, XUL look to capitalize on the critical acclaim of their 2015 EP, “Extinction Necromance”, with their signature blend of intense technical blackened death metal reminiscent of seminal acts such as Behemoth, Dissection, and Vehemence.

In anticipation of XUL’s 2nd full length album to come in 2016, REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS will reissue XUL’s debut album, “Malignance” (previously self-released in 2012), with new artwork from Remy Cuveillier (Headsplit Design), remaster by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams), and an unreleased bonus track.

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Vimur – Traversing The Ethereal Current

vimurIn its purest and most unadulterated form, black metal engulfs the listener in a furious storm of chaos, melancholy, power, and darkness. While many bands achieve this in various musical forms, the elite manage to do so while retaining a sense of uniqueness that separate them from the listless flock of imposters.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Vimur have been spreading their holocaust winds since 2010 and have captured both the ears and the imagination of the metal underground with a black metal assault that combines epic textures with various extreme stylings including thrash and doom. The end result is not only a unique listening experience but a journey to the other side of consciousness that few dare travel.

Relentless drumming, chilling riffs, and cryptic howls harken back to the yester-year of the genre while courageous musical risks help push it forward to desolate terrain. If you are willing to embark on this journey, let Vimur guide you through their own personal nightmare.

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From The Hellmouth – From The Hellmouth EP

From the hellmouthFrom inside the twisted halls of the Underworld comes From the Hellmouth, the latest and most savage creation to spew from the bowels of Hell. Taking cues from Bloodbath & Hypocrisy with a modern spin, From the Hellmouth blends extremity, powerful production, and touches of melody to fuse a sound that rings your neck relentlessly until it separates your head from the body. Whether you prefer your death metal textured or bare as bones, From the Hellmouth surely will not disappoint as it stakes its claim as a death metal force to be reckoned with.

Heavy as fuck death metal that fuses a Morbid Angel vibe with slam, how can you go wrong?
Dan Gargiulo (Revocation & Artificial Brain)

Pounding old school death metal with a refreshing flavour combined with epic passages. Relentless, brutal and atmospheric!
Job “Phenex” Bos (Dark Fortress & Satyricon / live)

….drums like machine gun blasts, guitars resembling the constant roar of unholy war and deep, guttural vocals, spewing out malice and terror…..This is crushing old school death metal, or did you think I mentioned Morbid Angel, Hypocrisy and Deicide by accident?…
Serge, Merchants of Air

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Bloodstrike – In Death We Rot

Combining the putrid licks & groove of early 90’s Stockholm with the dark and cryptic delivery of early 90s death metal in the U.S. , Denver, Colorado’s Bloodstrike are showing the world what it means to truly redefine darkness with their first full length LP. GraveEntombedDismember, with a smattering Bolt Thrower and early Obituary are all present here, so If you are searching for an old school sound in 2015, Bloodstrike is the answer.

After a head spinning (and splattering) demo in 2014, the quintet of metal veterans (having spent time in SilencerMoth, and Havok to name a few) will not stop until the piles of rotten bodies their brand of death metal harvests, blot out the sun. Prepare yourself for September 25th when Bloodstrike “In Death We Rot” is unleashed upon the masses!

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Unearthly – The Unearthly

11727731_1141485302546532_1265106321_oFrom the bowels of the jungle, Brazilian extreme metal horde, Unearthly, rise from the ashes of the third world to bring pestilence to the unsuspecting metal masses. A horrific fusion of black & death metal, Unearthly’s ferocity is accompanied by the indigenous flavors of their homeland inducing a blood boiling, havoc wreaking rampage throughout the album’s journey. Released in Brazil through Shinigami Records, Europe via Metal Age Productions, and America through All Dead, “The Unearthly” is eleven tracks of unmatched malice and contempt. Confrontational yet rhythmic, refined yet savage, Unearthly ravage with character as they position themselves among the elite of the extreme metal underground.

“The Unearthly is a natural born Metal classic, and UNEARTHLY is one of the most prominent and creative from Brasil.” :: The

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Unearthly – Flagellum Dei

unearthly-flagellum-dei“Flagellum Dei” is Unearthly’s fourth full length studio album, with the Brazillian outfit having been around since 1998. A heavy mix of Death and Black Metal, Unearthly’s signature sound is just that. Combining fast paced drums, and vocals that sound something akin to the Devil chanting with a drill down his throat, this band is brutal. This album is definitely not for the faint of heart. Guitarist Vinnie Tyr shares his spot with Felipe Eregion, whose distinctive vocals play up to a completely ravenous drum assault. The entire album is distinctively Death Metal, and exhibits the band’s all consuming dark-ness. Each track flows into the next, giving added smoothness and consistency. Tracks such as “7.62”, “Exterminata” add a slight acoustic flavour to the mix, creating a signature sound for the band, and in terms of “Exterminata” give a mellow come down to an other-wise heavy album. This will hopefully be the album that pushes these guys forward, as it looks as though Unearthly have remained relatively unknown outside of Brazil despite having been around since the late 90s. Something tells me that this may not be the case for long though given the absolute power that quite literally screams throughout “Flagellum Dei’s” entirely. Purchase it now! “

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Vintage Warlords – The Invisible Foe EP

11096490_1088146807880382_8677398825331940923_o“Vintage Warlords are a duo consisting of guitarist/bassist/drummer Thomas Haywood (aka Plaguehammer), who has spent time with the likes of Abigail Williams and System Divide, and vocalist Conor Byers. Together they have recorded three tracks of massively heavy, void-faring death metal that deserve your undivided attention.

The music exudes a thick pall of doom and desolation, conjuring nightmare vistas of blasted landscapes cloaked in perpetual night and inhabited by monsters. Whether trudging in a diseased crawl or pounding like sledgehammers, the riffs are massive, as are the thunderous drum strikes, and the dissonant melodies are thoroughly morbid. There are passages in the songs that are slow and groaning, like the exhalation of decay or the manifestation of some post-apocalyptic hallucination — and there are also passages that drive so hard and are so rhythmically compulsive that you can’t not headbang.”

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