Curse of Denial

From the depths of Cleveland’s legendary metal scene emerges the decrepit corpse of Curse of Denial to devour the innards of the weak and unsuspecting. Vicious old school thrash-inspired metal carnage that will keep your head steadily banging into utter oblivion. A juggernaut of hellfire and oblivion awaits with Curse of Denial’s debut full length album that carries the banner of metal into battle to level and annihilate the false. Conjuring the spirit of Northeast Ohio’s infamous past, evil incarnate is spawned to destroy a new generation.


released February 3, 2017
Recorded at Bad Back Studios between March 2016 – Septemeber 2016
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered | Dave “Big Metal” Johnson
Drums, Bass, and partial Lead Guitar on Night Terrors & The Day that the Sun Failed to Rise recorded at Brainchild Recording Studio, August 2015.
Guest musicians on the track, Night Terrors:
Opening scream & backing vocals | Don of the Dead (Nunslaughter)
Additional vocals | Duane Morris (Decrepit, From the Depths)
Paul Gorefiend (Embalmer, Kurnugia)
Ben Ihde (Punching Moses)
Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul, Brain Tentacles)
Lead guitar ( 4:06 – 4:30 ) | Matt Sorg (Ringworm, )

All music written by Curse of Denial
Partial Lyrics on The Tower of Silence | Kate Moore
Song title, The Aphotic Zone | Kathryn Smith
Singing Bowls on Ophiucus, the Winding Serpent | Paul Stranahan
Curse of Denial Logo | Christopher Horst (
Album Cover | Remy @ Headsplit Design (
Layout Design | Felipe Eregion

Night Terrors is dedicated to our greatly missed friend, Jim Konya R.I.P.

The Day that the Sun Failed to Rise is inspired by and dedicated to Jim’s alter ego, Malcolm Judas Anthony, of From the Depths and All that is Evil

Thank you to everyone involved in any aspect with the creation of this album, and to everyone that has shown support in any way, we know who you are, and we appreciate you.


Rob Molzan – Vocals/Lyrics
Jeremy McLellon – Lead Guitar
Gary Heinrich – Guitar
Michael Perez – Bass
Shawn Hapney – Drums