There was a time when heavy, unfiltered, and dangerous music was harvested and supported by those unafraid to venture to those parts of the mind and soul unknown to the masses, the very left hand path of the psyche that when tapped flows through one’s veins for eternity.

Redefining Darkness aims to quench that very thirst for heavy music that not only epitomizes metal but also pushes it further to new, exciting, and unique boundaries. While many labels and distributors are content with capitalizing simply on the commodification of “dark” and “evil” music, Redefining Darkness seeks artists whose artistic visions and musical endeavors challenge the norms of society and the underground itself.

Expect the highest level of productivity possible as a label and our artists as musicians.
Expect to be made uncomfortable.
Expect to venture where few dare.

Join us in Redefining Darkness.